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How to Protect your Roof in the Winter

Though the winter is generally thought of as a magical time of year, there are certainly aspects other than present buying and mince pies that should be considered with regards to the colder months.

Weather conditions during this particular season are arguably the most varied and unpredictable of the entire year, with heavy rain one day, sharp frost the next and gale force winds in between. The roof of a house understandably bears the brunt of most of this hostile weather, and keeping it maintained is vital for the well being of both your family and your home.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your roof this winter.

1. Remove ice and snow

Though it may look picturesque, an excessive amount of snow resting on your roof presents the risk of a partial or total structural collapse. An average sized roof covered by a feet of snow can weigh as much as 9 tons, and once ice, rain and even sleet appear, this mass only increases over time and adds more strain to the structure of your house. Regularly removing snow from your roof when there has been a large amount of snowfall will help to keep it strong and structurally sound.

2. Check your insulation

Poor insulation of a roof can cause a number of problems, the biggest of which is the formation of ice dams. If your roof is too warm, snow will fall on to it and melt, allowing it to run down the drain and into the gutter where it will then refreeze, causing a blockage that will only get larger and larger over time. Ice dams have been known to bring down entire guttering systems.

3. Check for broken tiles and damaged bricks

Though one or two missing tiles may seem innocuous in the spring or the summer, when the weather turns the chances are that rain, wind and snow will only exacerbate the problem and ignoring these missing or broken tiles can lead to leaks. Not rectifying this problem soon enough increases the risk of further damage both to the outside and the inside of your home.

4. Keep your guttering clear

It is recommended that you make a regular effort to clean the leaves, moss and other assorted plant life from your gutter. Though this is encouraged all year round, having a clear gutter is especially important for your home and roof in the winter months, as the prevalence of rain and snow during the season means that your guttering will be at its busiest. If snow and ice are given the opportunity to settle amongst this waste, then you will run into a set of more difficult problems in the future.

These are a set of jobs that are so important to your home’s safety, we believe they are best left to the professionals, and you will find many businesses that possess the expertise to address all and any problems that your roof may have. The Roofer Company are a specialist roofing company with a trusted reputation who will rectify your troubles and allow you to fully enjoy the winter. Please contact us today for more information.

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